Pre-Test Exam Masks for Patients (100-Pack)

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New Product for Eye Doctors to offer to patients during Eye Exams for added protection!

  • Convenient disposable Pre-Test mask, A skin-friendly non-woven sheet, The durable non-woven fabrics of the mask is soft and breathable. It protects the part where the skin directly contacts Testing equipment from sweat, sebum, cosmetics, dirt. Preventing cross-infection problems caused by sweating, Personal hygiene are protected.


  • White universal disposable Pre-Test mask, flat ear loops. Cut off the eyes and nose of the Pre-Test mask, let you breathe freely with unobstructed access to the eyes.


  • The high quality non-woven eye mask is soft, thick, and breathable. Mask stays comfortably and securely. Replace the facial mask between every patient, disposable.


  • Pre-Test mask Size: About 8 X 4.5 inch, Universal design and size for most face and device.

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